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Clarity. Support. Results

January 14, 2013

Within your career – or in life, if you are at a crossroad–seeking to improve or change something…a reminder; we are all interdependent. We best see and know ourselves when reflected, rather than advised. Anyone can advise – think they know what is best for another. It’s easy to say what we think – be seen as the expert, one who knows; but, really, we do not know what is right for others. We have neither lived his or her life, nor have we learned the things or had the experiences he or she has had. No one person has our answer.

To be heard/seen/understood meditation helps, as does working with a professional and proven process. It is the one of the best ways to attain clarity, support, and actual results.

If we choose to ask a friend to do this for us – he or she must be fully present, able to listen well, and…in a quiet setting without distraction. And he or she may share experiences or perception, but, not give us an answer (from his or her own unique experience) regarding what is right. This takes practice – listening without an agenda or preconceived notion of what is right or true.

Of course, there are people who have been there – perhaps with their jobs, a problem with a boss; a challenge within a marriage or at home with young adults. There is wisdom to be shared and gained.

Advising without having lived/walked in his or her shoes can be a true disservice, and although not intended – a poor  way of attempting to support.

We are all all interdependent and need to be seen and understood for who we truly are and what we truly want – that which makes our heart sing and allows prosperity and real confidence to come forth.

– Connie

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