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Your Health; Personalized Nutrition

January 31, 2013

When I coach and work with people, there are times when health and well-being comes into the mix. Food/nutritional matters and choosing well is of the utmost importance.

Many people have food sensitivities and are unaware of those food sensitivities. The sensitivity could show itself as indigestion, runny eyes and nose, chapped lips, digestive issues, and skin disorders. Each one of us is different and unique. And in relation to all this – I have studied nutrition – did so at University of Utah and still, on a regular basis, continue to research natural health and healing.

I recently came across a person who was angry at the thought of, let’s call it personalized eating, choosing the foods best for one’s system. The thought of it annoyed her, greatly! And at that moment, all I could think of was Shakespeare’s quote where the queen says, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

When anger arises, when we are annoyed, there is a message there – there is something there to look at and sometimes it is the best gift of all – a window into a deeper awareness and could even be life-saving. And so I wondered, might have a skin problem, digestive issues, energy imbalances? I did not ask – it was not the right time – was in a social situation and I had the gut feeling that the questions would not have been welcomed.

All in all, looking at what is ingested and at one’s normal diet is so very important. Feeling in the body, observing all reactions is one of the ways.

To help manage this, one may consider a short-term elimination diet – leaving out foods to which many people are sensitive. And mind you, when we are sensitive to a food item, it does not mean we have a food allergy. It does mean that food should be avoided and it also means the body can be nourished and perhaps, down the road, better able to digest that type of food.

So, I can speak for myself. The foods which do not agree with me, at this time are soy, dairy and wheat. My eyes water, my lips become chapped, and when I eat wheat and dairy, I get a rash – rosacea, to be exact. My face breaks out and it is not typical acne, as I am over the age of 45. I have looked into this – have worked with naturopaths and learned what works and what does not. And so, I avoid these foods. I am also taking an amino acid which helps to heal the stomach and in turn strengthen the system to then be able to easily digest some of the foods.

I can say it is a challenge for those of us who like to eat out on occasion – being conscientious, being mindful, working with the manager of the restaurant and so on is key. Knowing what is in food and more than that, knowing what your body says yes to is key. When we have a simpler diet, for a time, we can then see and feel what works best for our particular system.

May we honor it and may we encourage others to do the same. It is one thing to have an issue and go to a doctor and get meds for it and another to tune into the self, our own body and see what is best, on our own, and with support from the community, friends, family and even co-workers.

It is all a choice, and mind you, we need to honor and respect each person, his or her truth, choices, way of living. It need not be the way we live, the choices we make, however, it is his truth and it requires respect. When we honor and respect each person’s choice, he or she is supported and better able to listen to herself, her body, her mind.

The intuition, balanced with action – supported with action is the most powerful force of all.

To your health and happiness!Bowl of Fruit, my photo

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